Brushes for roadsweepers

Brushes for roadsweepers

We are manufacturer of brushes for all brands road sweeping machines available on European market.Our range of products is very wide. Theferore we have always most sold items on stock. We offer to all our abroad customers full service including delivery to any place.

Strips for industrial usage

Strips for industrial usage

We are manufacturer of strip brushes for industrial usage. We customers are mostly manufacturers of concrete pavement blocks. Our strips also fits to some brands of road sweeping brushes like Broddson and Bemab. Part of our strips production belongs also to sealing brushes for doors and gates.

Special brushes

Special brushes

We are manufacturer of brushes for various industrial usage. Our brushes sweep runways, clean moulds for pavement blocks and also seal the doors and gates. In our manufacturing program belong also 100% recyclable full plastic strips which are environmentally friendly.

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Industrial strip brushes

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